Spreading compassion and love is the passion driving World Learner, a BWL corporate social responsibility initiative. World Learner is a trusted international learning platform where students from the less privilege parts of the world, can rise above their economic environment, and awarded the opportunities to experience cross-cultural learning and traveling.
The 5th World Learner exchange students visited the China Embassy in Singapore
The Ambassador of China to Singapore, Mr. Duan JieLong and Mrs. Ambassador, Lee Bei, greeted the Sichuan students and teachers at the Chinese Embassy. In his welcoming speech, he encouraged Sichuan students that to appreciate this learning oppoturnity in Singapore and they should not only to observe the cultural difference between Singapore and China to improve mutual understanding, but also to share this learning journey with their fellow friends in Sichuan, so that we could strengthen our friendship to become best friend.
Open the window for aspiring students to do cross-cultural traveling and learning.
Establish a learning platform for deeper understandings between countries.
We believe in a world driven by passion and posivitism.