Best World

Founded in 1990, Best World International is a Singapore headquartered company specialising in the development and distribution of premium skin care, personal care, nutritional and wellness products. After listing on the Singapore Exchange in July 2004, Best World has grown in strides to become a key regional player, having entered into 12 markets in Asia and the Middle East.

As we live our vision of building a world at its best (全美世界 ,世界全美), we pursue our growth in revenue with conscious commitment to be a force for good. World Learner, as the corporate social responsibility program championed by Best World and its subsidiaries, has expanded its geographical influence over the years and established itself as one of the premier overseas student immersion scholarships in Asia. This company-wide and annual commitment fosters stronger understanding among the next generation, reinstating the Group's belief in all-rounded learning and our vision to deepen our connection in Asia.

Looking forward, Best World will continue to deepen our involvement in community service and spread the compassionate love for the poor and needy. Best World Hope School, situated in the Hunan Lou Di county Zhong Lian village is completed in 2019 to provide students from underprivileged backgrounds with a fair opportunity for quality education and a better future.

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