I am a student or parent, how do I apply to participate?

You should first inquire if the school that you are studying has been selected to provide a nomination for World Learner. The student who has expressed interest to join World Learner has to adhere to the selection process of his or her school according to the relevant criteria stated in the official document of "World Learner Student Immersion Scholarship Application Procedure". An individual application will not be accepted.

Do you need to pay participation fees?

The operating cost of World Learner Student Immersion Scholarship is fully supported by Best World's "World Learner Fund". For students who are awarded the scholarship, all living and travelling expenses throughout the trip including visa application, air tickets, hostel, food, learning classes, excursion activities and community work expenses are fully supported by the Fund. Thus, students DO NOT NEED to pay for any participation fees. If parents wish to give travelling allowance to students, owing to the disparity in rich and poor in the travelling group of students, we advise that the amount is restricted to below 100 Singapore dollar.

How can student benefit most from World Learner?

Students must come mentality prepared for an enriching journey. An open mind to embrace a diverse culture and educational style is important. Besides the student immersion in the two primary schools, students are challenged to engage in group excursions and community service. World Learner promises to ignite student's instinctive ability to question and learn in an all rounded curriculum centred on harnessing the positive energy for growth. The teacher leading the learning experience will advocate students to reflect on their learnings each day in their activity booklets.